Jamapunji launches 8181 SMS services


Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
NIC Building, Jinnah Avenue Islamabad.
November 13, 2015

In view of the utmost convenience of public and timely delivery of information to stakeholders, SECP has launched SMS short code service on November 12, 2015. The objective of this novel initiative is to disseminate information and authenticate the licensed/ registered entities to mitigate the scams and frauds in the capital markets. It is advised that public should never invest in unregistered company and should avoid investment through an unlicensed entity.

The following digital services are now available to public through a dedicated short code 8181:

  1. SMS Verification Services
  2. SMS Value added services

SMS Verification Services: Following 4 verification services are currently available through “8181” service:

  1. Company Verification Service    [SMS <incorporation ID> to 8181]
  2. Licence Verification Service       [SMS LV<space><incorporation ID> to 8181]
  3. Agent Verification Service          [SMS <Agent ID> to 8181]
  4. Modaraba Verification Service   [SMS MV<space><Modaraba authorization ID> to 8181]

To receive updates on SECP’S Regulatory actions, News, quotes, and Scams alerts, send “sub’ to 8181.[SMS sub to 8181].