Approach Jamapunji

Approach Jamapunji

Get connected with Jamapunji for Financial Awareness Seminars


What is Jamapunji?

Jamapunji is an Investor Education initiative of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) which aims to equip the general public with skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions and manage their money wisely.  SECP’s Jamapunji campaign aspires to improve the financial knowledge and competence of the masses across the country which can help them make sound financial decisions through the provision of general financial education ranging from banking and insurance to investing and retirement planning as well as general money management.


What is meant by ‘Approach Jamapunji’?

Bringing financial knowledge to your door-steps means that distinct institutions, organizations and segments of society can approach and request Jamapunji team to organize financial awareness seminars at their respective places. The purpose behind the initiative is to expand Jamapunji outreach to the masses for greater dissemination of financial knowledge.


Who should approach Jamapunji?

Educational Institutes, public welfare organizations, public and private schools/colleges/universities, research entities, entrepreneurs, and many other segments of society can approach Jamapunji team.


Why should you connect with Jamapunji?

By connecting with Jamapunji the investors would be able to take prudent measures before entering into a contractual agreement with a financial services provider, educate investors on strategies to mitigate risks associated with various investment products, engender investor confidence, and lead to an effective investor protection regime. With the emerging boom of socio-economic scenario of the country, the students and common masses are also required to partake in the financial activities of the country by being cognizant and informed about money matter as investment in securities markets is well regulated and offers many options for creation of wealth.


What will Jamapunji offer to its audience?

  1. A session on one of a variety of topics e.g., Mutual Funds, Voluntary Pension System, Insurance, Capital markets, Investment basics, Investor Protection

  2. Informational material (booklets, flyers, gift packs etc.)

  3. An opportunity to gain answers of your queries about your savings and investments.


How can I request for a seminar

You can request SECP for arrangement of investor awareness seminar by filling up the following form. For any queries you may write at or speak at +92-051-9100430 Ext: 294





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