How to Open an Account with CDC?

  • "Sub Accounts" at CDC (Central Depository Company) are maintained by the brokers on behalf of its clients (investors), therefore the clients (investors) cannot operate this account directly. However, information about securities lying in its sub account can be attained through broker/brokerage house or directly from CDC.
  • Securities available in the sub account are the property of the account holder/investor.
  • Another type of account at CDC is the "Investor Account" which allows investors to directly open and maintain accounts with CDC for safe custody and settlement of securities.
  • These investor accounts can be opened simply by submitting a duly filled and signed "Investor Account" Opening Form available at the CDC offices or from CDC website available as a downloadable form.
  • The account holder is the only person who can withdraw securities from the CDC Investor Account implying security and safe custody of the assets held in the account.
  • Investors can keep track of their CDC account position by subscribing the Interactive Voice Response System with call center support through toll free number (0800-23275) or More information relating to operating of accounts at CDC and acquiring details, CDC office can be contacted at address and numbers mentioned at the end of the guide.
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