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Investor & Shareholders Rights

Pension Fund Units Holders

As a unit holder in a pension fund scheme, you are entitled to the following:

  1. Receive unit certificates or statements of accounts ;
  2. Receive information about the investment policies, investment objectives, financial position and general affairs of the scheme;
  3. Inspect the documents of the mutual fund or pension fund specified in the scheme’s offering document;
  4. Vote in accordance with the regulations to:
    1. Either approve or disapprove any change in the fundamental investment policies of the scheme which are likely to modify the scheme or affect your interest in the mutual fund (you have the right to redeem your investment as a dissenting unit holder);
    2. Change the asset management company; or
    3. Wind up the scheme;

In addition to your rights, you can expect the following from the pension fund scheme:

  1. To publish their Net Asset Value in accordance with the Regulations;
  2. To disclose your mutual fund scheme’s portfolio holdings, expenses, policy on asset allocation, the report of the trustee on the operation of your scheme and the future outlook through periodic fund manager reports, half-yearly and annual accounts; and
  3. To adhere to a Code of Ethics which require that investment decisions be made in the best interests of the unit holders.



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