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Pension Funds

How to Invest in a Pension Fund

An individual, who fulfills the eligibility criteria, can become participant to the VPS.

He is required to fill out and submit an account opening form. The payment can be made through debit/credit card or other medium specified by the pension fund manager and an acknowledgement receipt is issued on the spot.

  1. Under no circumstances, cash should be given to the pension fund manager for investment.
  2. These formalities will be completed by the employer if he is contributing on behalf of the individual.
  3. It is important to keep the relevant documents such as contribution receipts, account statements, copy of account opening form, nomination forms, etc. for personal record, as a proof.

The investor is required to provide the following at the designated sales points of the Asset Management Company

  • Application / Account Opening Form
  • Documents mentioned in the Account Opening Form
  • Cheque/Demand Draft in favor of Trustee of the Fund
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